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Who Should Use Google Adwords?

If you are have a company, brand, product, service, or website and want to direct people to your page fast, you should use Google Adwords. Compared to SEO where it make take months to view the effects, Google Adwords is almost instantaneous. Once your ad is approved, you will receive live statistics and visitor reports. […]

Does Adwords Affect Your Website’s Search Ranking?

At first glance, it seems that Adwords do not directly affect or improve your page rank. This is because your clickthroughs are not organic- they are bought and users are directed to your site via Adwords. For a better page ranking, you should focus your efforts on optimising your content for search engine results instead. […]

How To Use Google Adwords For Marketing

Want to get started on Google Adwords? Here’s a quick guide. First, lets understand how Google Adwords works by going through a short list of frequently asked questions. Q: What is Google Adwords? A: Google Adwords is a paid advertising service where you can pay to list your website on search results pages. Q: How […]

Why Advertise With Google Adwords?

The answer is simple. You stand to lose out if you don’t. Here’s why: You’re letting opportunities pass by. Customers search for your product because they have an intention to buy it. Just by appearing on their results, you push them closer to the purchase decision. Don’t miss out on all these golden business opportunities- […]

How To Submit Your Website To 3 Big Search Engines In Singapore

Google, Yahoo! and Bing are the top 3 major search engine player in Singapore and generally the world. It is very important to submit your site’s pages to all these major search engines because even though the other engines have less traffic than Google, they still have millions of users. After submission, it may take […]

What If Your Website Is Getting Penalized or Blacklisted By Google?

Is your website not turning up on Google Search even when you key in the full website url? Did your steady website traffic disappear into thin air overnight? Google may have penalised your website. This means you no longer rank on Google’s search pages, and customers cannot even find you online when they type your […]

Google Penguin and Panda Explained

What are these cute sounding code names? Google Penguin and Google Panda are actually named for Google algorithm updates. Google Panda is an update to Google’s search engine algorithm system in 2011. Like a filter, it aims to bring users better quality websites via their search results. Websites that used heavy amounts of advertising or […]

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