We Are AntTeamA Full-Service Digital And Social Media Marketing Agency

Originally an established traditional advertising agency for over 30 years which had help many SME clients to grow their business successfully. Ant Team Social Media Marketing is now a fully accredited, full-service digital and social media marketing agency and Google Partner certified.

Our areas of expertise include Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Youtube Marketing,Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation( SEO) and Website Design, as well as Design & Conceptualizing, Strategic Marketing Planning and Reputation Management, and more.

Here’s a story. Our ability to offer a full range of effective marketing and advertising services did not come easy. It actually took one of our directors over 20 years of experience in advertising, as well as his dedication and passion to stay up-to-date with the emerging trends in the advertising industry, foresee the decline in traditional advertising, and embrace the rise of social media marketing in Singapore.

Combining great expertise in traditional advertising & new media marketing, we provide an impactful 360 solution to our clients. We strongly believe that a good marketing campaign starts from finding & understanding your right target audience, reaching them at the right time and place, eventually driving great results and bringing in a constant flow sales to your business.

Why are we called Ant Team? That’s because:

Ants are small but strong. Did you know that ants can lift up to 20 times of their own weight? Together, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

We work hard, so that you don’t have to. Everyone has a role to play. We focus on social media marketing, so that you can concentrate fully on operating and growing your business.

High entry. Ants can penetrate the toughest barriers and enter the tiniest cracks to reach their objective. In marketing, we help you to crack the existing stronghold and capture market share with our social media strategies.

Ants have specialised duties. This focused specialisation is what makes a supercolony thrive. It’s how we can deliver effective and efficient results for you.

Ants work in teams. When it comes to ideas and creative solutions, more heads are always better than one. Cooperation is the key to success.

Ants are always on the move. We’re restless, energetic and always ready to go. This means that we stay ahead of the social media game to help you succeed in this arena. Your success is ours.

Ants give back to the community. When ants work, they provide a positive effect on other groups. We believe that aside from doing our work, it is also important to help the society grow in ways where we can.

Now you know about us, why not let us know about your business?