We Are A Full-Service Digital And Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

Our journey began more than 30 years ago as an established traditional advertising agency helping many SME clients grow their businesses successfully. Today, Ant Team Social Media Marketing is a fully accredited, full-service digital and social media marketing agency and a certified Google Partner.

Our areas of expertise include Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Youtube Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation( SEO) and Website Design, as well as Design & Conceptualizing, Strategic Marketing Planning and Reputation Management, and more.

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As of today, we have helped over 300 companies to increase their social media presence, boost brand awareness, generate new leads, increase website traffic as well as their business revenue!

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Website Design

Build fresh, impressive concepts for your business website, incorporated with eye catching graphic design, persuasive copy and over interactive software tools.

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Facebook Marketing

Expand the reach of your Facebook campaign by identifying and targeting a highly specific audience of millions, strengthen and engage a sturdy fan base, create and maintain a lasting brand impression.

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SEO Marketing

Be always at the top of your consumer’s vision when they are desirably searching for something relevant to what you can offer. Let not your competitors replace you.

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Reputation Management

Managing what your consumers are talking about you be it negatively or positively in the digital world and react promptly to enhance lasting relationships.

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Google Ads Marketing

Bring in an avalanche of consumers to your business by generating potential leads and accelerating web traffic to increase your business revenue, through a powerful paid advertising platform.

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YouTube Marketing

Maximise your brand’s exposure by targeting the right range of audience and potential customers through the use of videos containing high-quality, creative and entertaining concepts and storyboards.

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Email Marketing

Dispatch electronic newsletters and monthly updates in the most personal and direct way to reach out to a large-scale of customers.

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Strategic Marketing Planning

An independent creative process of implementing practical marketing strategies between your management & operation team to guarantee constant growth in your company.

Design & Conceptualizing

Combine Creativity and strategic design concept to reach out to your audience effectively.

WeChat Marketing

​​WeChat is China’s most popular messaging app with over 1 billion downloads. It also has more than 902 million daily users and over a staggering billion monthly users making it one of the world’s most popular social networks.

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Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) Marketing

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) is one of China’s emergent e-commerce and social media giants that has quickly become an important platform for companies looking to capture dollars spent by Generation Z. The marketplace boasts over 300 million registered users who make up what it calls a “lifestyle community platform”.

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Condominium Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH)

Elevate your business through Condo Digital Out-of-Home Advertising, connecting seamlessly with affluent condo residents across 100+ locations. Its non-intrusive, 18-hour daily exposure ensures a lasting impact.

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Your business and brand are unique.

We strongly believe that you deserve a different strategic concepts for your marketing solutions using our 5c approach.

On board with our 5Cs approach journey to strategise, customise and conceptualise ALL of your digital and social media marketing campaigns to uplift your business and brand.

Checked the below if that is what you want:

  • I want to create a stronger brand presence for my potential target audience
  • I want to increase my engagement rate of my social media account
  • I want to generate more quality leads for my business
  • I want to increase my sales conversion from online to offline

If all the above is what you want, don’t miss this golden opportunity!

We are providing free consultation to new customer with only limited slot each month.

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