How do you deal with a customer who is complaining about your business online? Manage and avoid these scenarios with Ant Team Social Media Marketing.

We’ll help to steer you out of troubled waters.

Did you know that 82% of people go online to search for a product or service they want to buy before actually making the decision? This means that all blog reviews, ratings and comments will show up for your potential customer to read. What should you do if your brand has negative reviews? Without proper management, your brand image may be affected and you may potentially lose many sales opportunities.

In today’s fast-paced world, negative news can turn viral in the blink of an eye. Learn how to limit the damage, turn the tables around, and create a positive impression instead. With Ant Team, tap on our experience in reputation management and marketing, and be guided out of sticky scenarios. With good responses, you can even turn a negative case into a positive one where you make a sale or a good lasting impression, and therefore a loyal fan.

Watch this helpful video that will teach you about Online Reputation Management.

My business has bad reviews online, what can Reputation Management do?

Reputation Management can help to manage and improve your brand image. Speed is key. You can limit the damage if you detect bad reviews and threats fast enough, and respond to them appropriately. Study the feedback and improve on your product and service.

Should I respond to negative comments?

Yes and no. Respond to negative criticism and feedback with a gracious attitude. If you address your customers’ needs promptly and in a sincere manner, you may even convert a complaint into an opportunity to show that your brand cares, and improve your overall brand image.

Some comments on the Internet, however, are made by harmful trolls or spammers, and can be ignored or removed.

Is reputation plan a one time or continuous process?

Maintaining a positive brand reputation is a continuous process. You need to diligently monitor feedback, brand mentions, reviews and comments made about your products or services. However, once you make an online comment, the consequences are lasting. Therefore, it would be wise to craft your responses well.

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