Condominium Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH) In Singapore:

Capture the Attention of Affluent Condo Residents and Amplify Your Brand’s Presence through Digital Screens!

What Is Condominium Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH)?

Advertising through digital platforms in condos effectively captures the undivided attention of residents in offline settings as they step out of their homes. Positioned strategically in heavily frequented areas such as lobbies, elevators, and corridors, the public announcement kiosks or digital displays ensure that ads are viewed by a minimum of 75,000 residents per condo every month. This enables your business to establish meaningful connections with the audience through your products and services, ultimately increasing brand awareness and leaving a lasting impact.

Singapore Condo Residents’ Demographics

Based on the 2017/18 Household Expenditure Survey, this affluent demographic spends over $7963/month. They have a strong inclination for lifestyle-relevant offerings. As they frequently encounter the digital ads throughout their daily lives, they are more likely to recall your brand through looped advertisements.

Furthermore, consistent advertising can help reinforce the brand’s presence and create a sense of familiarity and trust among residents. With over 100 condos across Singapore accommodating 91K residents, their substantial spending power renders them a pivotal target audience.

Monthly Expenditure Of Condominium Residents






Housing & Related Expenditure


Recreation & Culture


Educational Services






Clothing & Footwear


Accommodation Services



*Others include expenditure on miscellaneous goods and services, including personal care services such as hairdressing, social support services and insurance, and expenditure on alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Condominium DOOH Advertising For Business

With over 100 locations for your digital marketing strategies, this digital advertising platform enables your business to access the niche and targeted residents. It seamlessly integrates into the residents’ lives and is non-intrusive, which increases your advertisement’s relevance and impact.

Furthermore, it is cost-effective and boasts extensive reach as the digital signage works for 18 hours each day, enabling your brand to embed itself deeper into the purchasing minds of residents with each passing day. It’s versatility and cost-effectiveness make it a perfect fit for your business’s marketing budget and campaigns.

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