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7 Facebook Marketing Strategies that are leading social media platforms in Singapore

Business Page Strategy

A Facebook page is as important as a business website. As search engines crawl suggested topic description URLs that match queries from users, your website or any related social media feeds, referring domains, channels, etc, can be shown in the search browser. Apart from the search engine results page (SERP), search engine marketing (SEM) tools, Facebook Pages allow advertisers to run campaign promotion offers through Facebook advertising. Uphold brand loyalty by creating a Business Page, interacting with fans frequently with engaging content, and successfully garner new customers using paid ad campaigns, giveaways, and more.

Content Strategy

Many brands embark on social networks, using marketing content strategy in the form of snippets or easy-to-read, straight forward posts. Content marketing with compelling messages will gain likeness from followers for possible actions on likes, comments, shares, and extended sharing. Use a combination of a marketing strategy designed specifically for Facebook, combined with engaging, relevant content and eye-catching graphic design that makes every post brilliant to not only retain existing customers but also using their social credibility to garner new customers while capturing market share.

A good content calendar planned with an objective in mind can match-up a more effective marketing strategy. More and more brands are on Facebook, competing for views on news feeds and getting higher ratings for video views as consumers’ scrolling habits are getting fast, with a short-spend duration. This is when Facebook live evolved more frequently towards live video streaming that gained more spontaneous engagement towards Facebook users. Competitive analysis can further reveal more information on such content marketing or trends.

Engagement Strategy

Marketing goals on active users for viral Facebook posts and sharing content from knowledge-based product offers, facts, know-how, and much more is an effective engagement strategy for likes, comments, and shares. Thus, high-quality content drives good traffic to business websites for product purchases or leads.

You can build up existing relationships by updating your company’s image and business information on Facebook for easy access on the most familiar platform. An active, well-curated post will also be an updated notice board and pair together with a landing page that impresses future potential Facebook users or even big organization’s employees as potential followers following content of their interests from a brand or a company. Competitive analysis is part of strategy research for good engagement information to review industrial benchmarks.

Audience Strategy

Facebook audience insights allow basic information on the audience but not directly on the targeted audience without mapping your true audience’s personas. Facebook business can provide even more options. This is when professional Ads managers plan and strategise ad campaigns and target market to local users. But knowing what you’d do best in your own industry may not necessarily mean that you could operate the entire ad campaign from the start to any call-to-action like lead generation or purchases on your e-commerce website or store.

Influencing Strategy

Less annoying news feeds paired with influencing networks can drive more positive engagement for potential customers. Part of the marketing efforts when brands prefer using 3rd party influencing tactics is to influence followers and drive awareness. A short term help that can be effective, such as a kick-start solution from a spokesperson to raise up the brand identity and value. The value of such marketing solutions is short-span, non-loyalty, without exclusivity or benefit.

Leads Generation Strategy

A result-generating marketing campaign solution provider with a properly detailed briefing from the client along with a key objective in mind to plan Facebook ads well enough to get as many leads for advertisers and to receive the conversion tracked for return on investment (ROI) is essential. All contact information captured by lead forms is important data for customer service to follow-up with every qualified leads from lead generation tools.

With the ads platform readily rolling out, a good landing page with h2 call-to-action buttons can be a business objective for narrow audience or custom audience should the ad budget be of much concern.

Data Strategy

Social media marketing tools like Facebook ads can build h2 relationships with users, capturing lookalike audiences with relevant ads, and split testing different types of ads. Research on the competitive analysis together with pixel tracking for custom audience and future remarketing are effective targeting options. Comparing good data together with google analytic tracking on all pages of the business website can provide a good suggested strategy for social media marketing content which is well received by users tracked by these powerful analytic tools which are applicable for most digital marketing strategies.

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