What If Your Website Is Getting Penalized or Blacklisted By Google?

Is your website not turning up on Google Search even when you key in the full website url? Did your steady website traffic disappear into thin air overnight? Google may have penalised your website. This means you no longer rank on Google’s search pages, and customers cannot even find you online when they type your brand name or url. Not being visible on Google can deal a very devastating blow to your website traffic and business. So here’s a step by step guide to how to solve this:

  1. Stay calm. Large websites and companies are also affected by Google algorithms, so you should know that you are not being penalised for being a smaller company.
  2. Request a Google Reconsideration by following the steps here.
  3. Remove links. Google faults websites if it thinks it is using ‘underhanded SEO tactics’ that include keyword stuffing, bought links, hidden text in CSS etc. Work on organic linking instead to steer clear of this. Also gather information on bad backlinking and try to remove your website from bad quality websites by ‘disavowing’.
  4. Add legitimacy to your website. You can do this by writing new content so that Google indexes your site again, adding a phone number and address, and by getting links from pages that have higher trust points and authority.
  5. Wait. It will take some time for Google to process and recrawl the changes you’ve made to your website. Be patient.

If these steps still do not work for you, consider calling us at Ant Team Social Media Marketing so we can help you get your website back on track.

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