Who Should Use Google Adwords?

If you are have a company, brand, product, service, or website and want to direct people to your page fast, you should use Google Adwords. Compared to SEO where it make take months to view the effects, Google Adwords is almost instantaneous. Once your ad is approved, you will receive live statistics and visitor reports.

If you want to capture a new customer base, Adwords is a good idea as being at the top of the first page of Google will definitely bring more web traffic to your website or Facebook Page. You immediately gain an business advantage just by improving your position on the search results page.

Even if you are a small business and have a tight budget, that’s fine. Google Adwords allows you to set your own ad budget. At just $15-20 a day, you can run Google Adwords, and receive live data about who is responding and engaging with your ad.

If you know who you want to target, you should definitely leverage on using Google Adwords. You can target very specific audiences, such as only targeting certain people at a specific time of day, language or location. The best thing is, you do not pay until someone clicks on your ad. This is the beauty of Pay-Per-Click campaigns, which gives you results you can see.

If you want to gain a competitive edge and keep your business growing, you should definitely start on Google Adwords. It is easier to understand than SEO, and together with a multi-platform approach, you can gain a great foothold for your marketing efforts.

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