How To Use Google Adwords For Marketing

Want to get started on Google Adwords? Here’s a quick guide.
First, lets understand how Google Adwords works by going through a short list of frequently asked questions.

Q: What is Google Adwords?
A: Google Adwords is a paid advertising service where you can pay to list your website on search results pages.

Q: How do I use Adwords?
A: Simply put, you sign up for an account, write an ad with search keywords related to your products or services, set a budget, and wait for Google’s approval for your ad to start being listed on search results.

Q: Why should I use Adwords?
A: Adwords helps you to hyper target people, leading to a higher number of web traffic, conversion rates and sales.

Q: If everyone submits the same keywords, how does Google decide which ad to show?
A: Google uses an ‘auction’ to decide your Ad Rank. It judges your website on usefulness and relevance to the user’s query. This is known as the ‘quality score’. The amount of money you ‘bid’ for the keywords also plays a role in determining your Ad Rank.

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