Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing

We had print ads, TV, Internet, website advertisements and now we’re in the age of Social Media. What’s next for technology and content marketing?

That’s right. The next big thing is touted to be Video Marketing. In fact, Internet video traffic is predicted to be 79% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018 in a forecast by Cisco. Already making huge waves with YouTube Advertising, video is set to conquer more screens (especially mobile devices) with Facebook’s entry and efforts in video hosting and monetisation. These video hosts already use data to curate content that users see, such as by recommending similar videos that the user may like.

Cost wise, online video marketing is much more cost efficient than traditional TV ways of advertising. One big advantage of online video advertising over TV advertising is the ability for advertisers to track and analyse data in real time. It doesn’t only stop at video impressions. You can also calculate the reach, target specific audiences and gather valuable market research. The benefits are compelling.

This is however not to say that advertisers should abandon ship on other marketing platforms. A diverse marketing mix is the way to go, especially when technology keeps on changing at a breakneck speed. Overall, don’t miss the boat and neglect video advertising. It would be wise to start investing time and resources to develop video advertising for your business.

Pro Tips
So how do you create great video content marketing? Here are 3 ‘E’s to keep in mind.

  • Engage- Be genuine in wanting to create a connection with your viewers.
  • Entertain- Video is one of the richest ways to tell a story, incorporating words, visuals and sound. Use this to your advantage and create short, easy to consume clips that people would share with their friends.
  • Educate- Provide useful ‘How to’ content and information about your service or product.

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