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YouTube VS Facebook Videos

What is the difference between YouTube and Facebook Videos and which should you use? YouTube is the recognised video hosting giant on the Internet, but Facebook, the largest social networking site, has been steadily increasing its growth in the video hosting scene too. Recommended & Relevant Content Both YouTube and Facebook track your interests and […]

5 Strategies Promoting Your Videos On YouTube

Here are 5 strategies and tips for promoting your videos on YouTube. You can use this as a quick guide and checklist. 1. Great Content. First, have great content. Be helpful, creative or entertaining, or better yet, all three. Answer a question. Solve a problem. People tend to share videos that are useful and makes […]

Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing

We had print ads, TV, Internet, website advertisements and now we’re in the age of Social Media. What’s next for technology and content marketing? That’s right. The next big thing is touted to be Video Marketing. In fact, Internet video traffic is predicted to be 79% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018 in a […]

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