5 Strategies Promoting Your Videos On YouTube

Here are 5 strategies and tips for promoting your videos on YouTube. You can use this as a quick guide and checklist.

1. Great Content.
First, have great content. Be helpful, creative or entertaining, or better yet, all three. Answer a question. Solve a problem. People tend to share videos that are useful and makes their life easier (ie. Life Hacks). Videos that are funny, entertaining and short also tend to be very popular. Here are some ideas for you to get started: You can respond to a recent trend, or play on the cute or emotional factor to connect with your audience. People have also combined two elements together to create entertaining videos (ie. dancing while playing the violin at the same time) You can also make a series of videos and create hype and suspense for a long term campaign. The key thing is great content is the foundation of a strong video marketing campaign.

2. Have strong Keywords to be found easily.
Make sure you fill in all of YouTube’s title forms and descriptions with relevant Keywords. Every form box is a chance for you to optimise your video and make it more visible. If you have a website, create individual pages for your videos and make sure to add a short summary and description too. You can also use Google Adwords for a budget friendly option that boosts the exposure of your YouTube videos. This is a powerful tool that you should utilise. All these SEO efforts will help in making your video more visible on the Internet.

3. Make sure your video is easy to share.
Make it convenient for your viewers to share. This means making sure privacy settings are set to public, and that your videos have the embed option enabled. By hosting your video on social video sharing websites like YouTube, you make it easier for viewers to share with their followers and friends with just one click. Word of mouth is a powerful action and it is also how many videos became viral. Also make sure to include strong call to actions inside your video- you can encourage viewers to share, like or subscribe.

4. YouTube Paid Advertising
You can also pay YouTube to get your video out there. Pick from banner ads, overlay in-video ads, skippable TrueView ads before a video, non-skippable ads inserted before a video, or TrueView display ads that appear as ‘suggestions’ at the side. All these have different functions and varying results. You also do not pay until someone choose to watch your ad, eliminating the chance that you pay for the ad even when someone is not interested (depending on the type and plan you choose). You will also see what works or not with YouTube’s analytic tools.

5. Launch it with your other Online Marketing Tools.
To maximise target audience reach, your video can be part of an online marketing campaign that involves Facebook, your website and other social platforms. Utilise your Facebook Page and Facebook Paid Advertising to boost engagement posts. Work consistently across the platforms- this will help create hype and spread the word in different online spheres.

With solid, good content and a smart online video marketing strategy, you can create impactful online videos that will help boost your brand presence, drive web traffic, and convert fans to paying customers. Video is one of the best ways to market your brand share your stories with increasingly connected consumers.Read about our article about why you should focus and develop on video marketing today. (link to Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing)

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