A Quick Checklist for Mobile Marketing

Here are 5 things you need to be when you optimise your website for mobile devices. How well you do in these areas can make or break you, so listen up!

  1. Be obvious. Aim for your user to reach his destination within 1 or 2 clicks. Place your most popular buttons (ie. Buy Now, Browse) and information like your phone number or address in a highly visible and accessible area.
  2. Be fast. Nobody likes waiting for a website to load. Being quick to load makes full advantage of the user’s attention on your website.
  3. Be easy to navigate. Make sure all your buttons are of appropriate size for finger clicking, and don’t force your customers to zoom in or pull away to adjust the size of your website. Make the overall user experience comfortable, smooth and convenient.
  4. Be interesting. Make use of promo coupons, QR codes,interactive apps and more to bring something new to the table. Entertain and engage the customer, and he may tell others about your brand, bringing you new prospects via word of mouth.
  5. Be functional. Avoid Flash or Javascript applets as not all phones can run these programs- you lose out when these phone users cannot view your website. Also make use of “click-to-call” buttons or other useful one tap technologies like “share”, “send to friend”, “open in Google Maps” to make things easy for your customer.

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