Good Design Matters For Your Website

Design is not just about how something looks. It’s not about the colours, style, fonts and graphics- the outwards appearance of your website. Design is about how something works.It’s a functional plan, a blueprint, a purposeful action of laying down a foundation. Design is putting the right technology in the right positions and making sure the system works. Without good web design, your system may work, but not as seamlessly, as quickly, or as efficiently. Here are 3 reasons why good design sells:

1.Because good design communicates well.

Can your customers see a clear, straightforward flow to your website? Your concepts should be easy to understand in a quick glance- simplify instructions and terms until a 10 year can understand you perfectly.

2.Because good design promotes efficiency.

Aim to let your customer reach his chosen destination in 1 or 2 steps. This can come in the form of a “Check out” button, or from a clearly articulated list of information, services or products. The faster your customer reaches his destination, the earlier you can process and close the sale. Rinse & repeat.

3.Because good design encourages repeat customers.

Does your website encourage customers to linger a little longer?Do you have copy and mechanics to encourage repeat visitors to your website? Do you send them a friendly follow-up newsletter of your sales updates, a delivery notice, or a feedback form? Good design creates a never ending cycle between the customer and you, and hence aims to create a long lasting relationship.

Good design is fundamental in creating a pleasant, seamless experience for your customer. He should be able to obtain the information and services that he wants easily and quickly. Good design encourages the customer to return and use the online services again. And that is why you should invest in good design, because good design sells.

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