5 Tips on Getting Your Facebook Page Setup Right

Heard about how Facebook can increase sales and exposure for business? Here are 5 good tips to get you started on your own Page.

  1. Let’s start with the basics. You need to first create a Facebook Page. Some people think that a Facebook account is a Facebook Page. It is not. However, you do need an account in order to create a Page, and this Page can be run by several people with different type of roles.
  2. Fill in the Page’s title with your business name. Upload a nicely designed timeline cover and profile image. Make use of timeline cover to showcase your business highlights such as announcement or promotion.
  3. Key in your business details- make sure they are correct! Put in your business description, website url, business address and opening hours, etc.
  4. Claim your Facebook Page url from a default url of numbers to your business name to make it easier to find.
  5. Start creating content. You can begin with saying ‘Hello’ with a nice poster design that relates to your business. Next, start making your rounds by ‘Liking’ other related Facebook Pages as your Page (not your account) to alert them to your presence. You can also run Facebook ads to promote your new page!

Now, you are ready to start posting contents regularly. You can announce promotions, post updates, or share useful information with your fans and also once in a while, post a milestone. For example, if you are a new food retail company like Duke Bakery, you can make use of the Facebook Cover to promote the latest breads or branch opening. You can also post encouraging quotes and recipes to further engage your fans.

Too busy to start on your own? Let us help you.
Ant Team is experienced in helping businesses in Singapore and Malaysia to set up and maintain their Facebook Page. Get in touch with us today at hello@antteam.com.sg. We’ll be happy to help you setup a Facebook Page for your business.

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