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Seen your competitor run a successful Facebook Photo Contest? How does that work?

A picture is worth a thousand words. When a fan posts pictures of your product on Facebook, he is actually endorsing your product- the effect is enormous and this can socially influence his friends to buy your product too.

Here’s what’s the general flow on in a Facebook Photo Contest:

  1. A fan visits the Facebook contest tab to submit his photo entry and contact details. He is usually directed here from a Facebook post or paid advertisement.
  2. Upon admin approval, the submitted photo entry will appear in the Voting Gallery in the Facebook Tab.
  3. The fan is encouraged to “Share” his entry and ask his friends to vote for him.
  4. At the end of the voting period, a winner is chosen. He can be picked according to the number of votes, creativity, or both, depending on your rules.

What are the real benefits of running a Facebook Photo Contest?
Firstly, you will gain significant fan growth for your Page, as well as exposure for your brand. You will also understand your fans better- because you receive valuable, real feedback from your fans when they interact and participate in your contest. You’ll find out what they like best from your product/service, how they use it, when they use it, who they use it with etc. You can bank on these data and use them for market research for creating even better content for your products/ services as well as your Facebook Page. However, note that there are also challenges when running a Photo Contest.

However, note that there are also challenges when running a Photo Contest. Here are some aspects of running a Photo Contest to take note of:
Whether a photo entry is ‘creative’ or ‘good’ is very subjective, and you need to exercise objectivity in judging entries. You also need to be transparent in how you judge your entries- is it a 50-50% decision between vote count and judges’ decision? Make this clear in your rules and regulations.
You should also be aware of fans who liked your Page just to vote. They may not necessarily be ‘real fans’ yet, but you should take the opportunity to retain them and gain their loyalty by engaging them consistently with good content.

Also note that Facebook has also recently removed the Like-Gate function on 5 Nov 2014. This means that users no longer need to ‘Like’ a page before getting access to a Page’s tabs, promotion and other information.

If you want to know more about Facebook Photo Contests and the latest Facebook guidelines, feel free to contact us at hello@antteam.com.sg. We will be pleased to help you create a Photo Contest relevant to your needs.

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