Do you know Local search is getting more and more competitive.

One of the most recent changes Google made to its search algorithm was to the “7 pack” Google used to display in the results page.

This 7 pack used to be the first results displayed after a user searched for a business, product or service. Included in the 7 pack were the top seven local businesses that offered the product or service the user was searching for. Google would return these results based on the user’s location, any local keywords the user entered into their search, and the same keywords entered onto webpages as part of the content.

However, Google has now reduced that 7 pack down to just a 3 pack, meaning only the top three local businesses in Google now appear. This has made getting into those top spots even more important, and even more difficult, than ever. With this recent change, Google has certainly upped the competition level, making it even more crucial for business owners to start implementing local SEO strategies.

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